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Super high speed servo punch

1. Compact design The punch press with the same production capacity in the past has reduced the size of the punch by one third 2. Forming from a good stamping product 3000spm can also be stamped into good products at one time 3. Excellent operating performance Manual cranking is possible in standard mode Reduce preparation time according to the servo drive * 3000spm continuous processing, spm50 inch movement can be set instantaneously 4. The final achievable accuracy Flatness: 1μm「JIS special grade 12μm」 Parallelism: 2um「JIS special grade 14um」 Verticality: 0.4μm「JIS special grade 8μm」 Data of ALT-3 5. Environmental protection type punch Power consumption: save 70% CO2 emissions: reduced by 70%, fuel consumption: reduced by 60%. *Comparison between OMEGA-F1 and ALT-3- 6. Easier to change settings

Next Generation BDC Control Intelligent Press

1. More subtle control than artificial intelligence, can achieve high precision when used all over the world, and automatically control thermal displacement 2. Bottom dead center position recording function (optional) 3. Visual fine control, direct measurement of product portrait, feedback of bottom dead center control (optional)- 4. The variable stroke mechanism can set the stroke length according to the processing method and widen the worktable (i-MX45XL, i-MX50XL) 5. Outstanding operability, large touch screen, automatic setting function 6. Integrated soundproof speaker (optional)

The Straight Side Press

General-purpose high-precision best-selling model 1. High-performance, high-cost punch 2. Dual-axis 8-sided slider long guide 3. The slider is a high-rigidity box structure 4. High-rigidity one-piece casting bed 5. High torque clutch & brake    Dry clutch & brake plate 6. Wide table size    can be applied to larger molds

Precision Cold Forging Progressive Press

1. Ultra-high rigid main frame   Comprehensive clearance and bending amount are less than 1/4 of the conventional cold forging press 2. 10mm above the bottom dead center reaches the maximum stamping capacity   *MVP-300 3, 4 guide pillars 2 plunger guide structure 4. Variable stroke type   * MVP-600 5. Conversion from cutting to stamping 6. Reasonable toggle movements    Stop motion within 60° of bottom dead center

High-Speed, High Precision Press

High-speed precision best-selling models with actual sales of more than 1,000 units 1. It can correspond to various production and processing methods, such as processing terminals, IC lead frames, motor cores, chains, and washers. 2. High precision machining with four guide columns and two plungers (220L, 220TL. 330L is a 3 plunger type) 3. High rigidity thickened main frame 4. Adopt linear bearing to guide 5. Ensure excellent bottom dead center accuracy (cold & hot constant temperature device is standard) 6. A variety of additional options are available


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